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Welcome to People's Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Team Sardis Knows And Trusts

People's Pharmacy is proud to be serving our patients in the communities of Sardis, Como, Sledge, Crenshaw, Batesville, and Pleasant Mount. Being a community staple, we've proudly taken on the role of improving Sardis's healthcare by providing fast and personalized service. We strive to make every experience you have with us a great one. We offer optimal wait times and personalized care for every patient that walks through the door. At our pharmacy, your family is our family. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring that you receive expert care on every visit. Stop by today and let People's Pharmacy become part of your family!

Our goal at People’s Pharmacy is to make a real connection with every person who visits our pharmacy. You are probably here because you or a loved one is ill. Customer service must be more than just friendly –– it must be efficient and precise. Refills must be consistent. If you’re ever unsure about a prescription, never hesitate to ask all your questions. We already know our regular customers...and we look forward to meeting more People like you!

Meet Our Owner

Brooke Lewis, PharmD

Brooke fell in love with the Sardis community when she started working here as a pharmacist in 2017. Opening her own pharmacy in this community has been a dream come true. She cannot wait to spend many more years providing healthcare to residents of Sardis.

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